TikToker explains now-viral video of him squeezing through tiny hole

Few things can cause the entire internet to pick the same side: The green M&M, Bean Dad, that time Planters killed off Mr. Peanut in a Super Bowl commercial and now, this terrifying cave video.

Absolutely no one enjoys this now-viral video of a caver squeezing his entire body into a hole that looks like it could be the size of a football. TikTok user Ethan (@stickfigureboy99) originally posted the clip on TikTok in December 2021. But since then, a Twitter user who reshared the video has brought people from all over the world to visit Ethan’s TikTok page and express their terror.

“Had to exhale all the way to bring my chest in,” Ethan explained in the TikTok. “Do not attempt: Done in [the] company of cave rescue class professional cavers.”

“This put me into a panic,” one commenter wrote.

“There is no amount of money you could ever pay me to do this,” another added.

“I can’t even watch,” someone said. “Went straight to the comments to say it’s a no from me.”

In another video, Ethan explained that the keyhole he went through to enter the cavern was not one of the two typical entrances; he just “thought it was fun.”

“It’s not really an entrance you’d normally use; I just wanted to see if I could do it,” he said. “Evidently, I could.”


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Ethan also showed photos from inside the cavern to prove how open it actually was.

“Even if you’re claustrophobic, there are some pretty large areas down here,” he said. “That one little entrance I went through is not entirely representative of the cavern as a whole.”

In terms of why he was going down into a cavern, Ethan explained that he was doing cave rescue training.

“If there were any case where someone got hurt on a caving trip or they need extra help getting someone out of the cave, I could be one of the people that learn how to do that,” he said. “Overall, it was a really fun time.”

“I am grateful people like you exist, but good lord!” a new comment read. “I like that there are so many definitions of fun.”

Most if not all cave rescuers are volunteers — like Ethan — and cave rescue groups typically consist of local cavers and sometimes get funding from the local government.

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