CCTV catches man trying to sneak through baggage scanner at train station

Nobody likes waiting in a long line to get where they’re going. But one man may have gone too far when he tried to skip to the front of a queue for the train. 

CCTV security footage of a man in the Hunan Province shows him sneaking through a baggage X-ray scanner. 

The video shows a group of people, at the checkpoint of a train station, in line to put their baggage through a scanner. Then the man, in a red shirt, lays down flat on the conveyor belt. Many people look shocked and stunned by his decision. The clip then shows the man slowly being ejected from the conveyor belt on the other side. A woman working at the front desk stands up and points at him. Shortly after, security officers go to confront him. 

According to Newsflare, the man may have had a bit too much to drink when he made the snap decision. Police helped the man get his bearings and then schooled him on safety etiquette. 

This isn’t the first time China has dealt with scanner hoppers. In 2018, CGTN shared footage on Twitter of a little boy who was captured crawling through an X-ray machine in the Guangdong province. 

His father thought the boy was behind him in line but somehow the little one evaded him and the staff to sneak inside of the machine. Security guards were stunned when they saw the child’s form on camera as he passed through. 

Fortunately, the parties involved in both scenarios were left unscathed. 

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