Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta demonstrates a simple and sexy bronze eyeshadow look

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On this episode of In the Know: Beauty School, celebrity makeup artist and host Patrick Ta shares his step-by-step process for creating a foxy eye makeup look that’s perfect for any occasion!

The first thing to consider when planning your foxy eye look, according to Ta, is that it can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. While you might associate the foxy eye look with striking dark colors, subtler shades also work well. It all depends on your preferences! 

“The first step to creating a foxy eye is finding colors that you like,” Ta explains. “A foxy eye doesn’t mean it needs to be black or smoky. It’s more the shape that we are trying to achieve.”

For his model’s foxy eye look, Ta chooses a bronze shade called Absolutely from his brand’s Patrick Ta Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette. Using a Patrick Ta Eye Shadow Brush, he begins to apply pigment to the outer end of the model’s eye. “The reason why I’m just packing on the pigment first is I’m really kind of creating the shape and trying to apply the color in the areas that I want,” Ta explains. 

Next, Ta uses his eyeshadow brush to diffuse the eyeshadow up towards the model’s eyebrow. Then, he uses a second brush to blend the eyeshadow and erase any sharp edges. “It’s really important to have a couple eyeshadow brushes,” he explains. “You can have one to apply product and pigment and then the other one just to blend out.”

Once that’s done, Ta moves onto the next eyeshadow color. He chooses a shade from his palette called Mother, and applies it to the model’s outer lash line. “This is going to bring a little bit more color and a little bit more depth to the eyeshadow look while still giving you that foxy eye,” he explains. 

Using the new color, Ta creates a beautiful ombre look, with the darker color more prominent towards the lash line. “By layering different colors it allows you to have a really nice even blend without having either one shade that’s too dark or one shade that’s too light,” he explains.

Once the colors are blended perfectly, Ta begins putting the finishing touches on the look. He uses foundation to clean up the eyeshadow a bit and remove any details that don’t look quite right. Then, he adds a tiny bit of eyeshadow to the area underneath the model’s eye, blending it in so that it’s almost invisible.

“What I want to do is only connect from the bottom outer to the end, because I want to keep the under eye nice and clean so it lifts the face,” says Ta. “And then I’m going to take a fluffy brush and just blend the shadow out so there’s no harsh lines.”

Finally, Ta adds a bit of Patrick Ta Major Dimension Precision Gel Liner to complete the foxy eye. He applies the eyeliner to the outer bottom and top water line to give the look a final bit of extra flair.

Ta concludes with one final recommendation for anyone who wants to make their foxy eye look even more striking: Add some eyelashes. “You want to focus the lashes and the length more toward the end of the eyes so it really elongates and pulls out the eyes,” Ta explains. Once you’ve done that, your glamorous foxy eye look is complete!

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