Here’s how Céline Dion became a TikTok sensation

People are feeling quite melodramatic thanks to a throwback Céline Dion song from the ’90s. 

Dion’s 1996 cover of Pandora Box’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” was a megahit reaching No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. But the song is all coming back to TikTokers in 2021. People are getting creative using sheets, leaf blowers, mops and gowns to create the most dramatic lip-syncs of the classic bop. 

“It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” by Céline Dion

Songwriter Jim Steinman wrote the power ballad inspired by the novel Wuthering Heights. The singer Meatloaf originally wanted to record the song but Steinman thought it was meant for a female vocalist. The girl group Pandora Box eventually created their rendition, but it wasn’t a hit until Dion covered it for her album Falling into You. 

“There were things we’d never do again / But then they’d always seemed right / There were nights of endless pleasure / It was more than all your laws allow,” Dion sang in the viral soundbite. 

Baby, baby, baby / When you touch me like this / And when you hold me like that / It was gone with the wind / But it’s all coming back to me / When you see me like this.” 

Dion’s song has been used in over 37,000 videos on TikTok.

Yerlin Montoya recorded her daughter’s Oscar-worthy lip-sync of the song. The teen sang into a microphone with a starry sheet wrapped around her waist like a gown. Then she ripped off the sheet to reveal a wedding dress underneath as the wind (from a blow dryer) blew through her hair. 

TikToker @jakey_breaky_heart tied a gray sheet around his waist and neck to create a halter dress as he sang into a broom handle. 


Happy new year 🙈 heres the results! Go watch the behind the scenes from this video its so funny!! #funny #trend #EveryKiss #YerAWizard

♬ original sound – Neil Burrows

The user @dallinxbella sang into a spatula as her bedsheet backdrop fell and gold confetti swirled around her. 


I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment ✨🎤 #celinedion #itsallcomingbacktomenow @Celine Dion

♬ original sound – Neil Burrows

But @ketchupwiththefreys used her garage door to make a grand reveal of her lip-syncing in a red gown, fur coat. She used the mop as a microphone and a leaf blower to create a wind effect. 

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