What is the ‘Center of Gravity Challenge’ on TikTok? It’s driving men and women apart

There’s a battle of the sexes on TikTok, and you might say the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

The “Center of Gravity Challenge” has users recording themselves on all fours. 

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What is TikTok’s “Center of Gravity Challenge”? 

The challenge centers around the premise that women have better balance than men. To prove this, TikTok users are getting on all fours, resting their elbows on the floor and placing their faces in their hands.

Then they have to move their hands behind their backs as fast as possible without losing balance. 

As the user @weldonases showed, it’s not working so well for guys. 

The hashtag #centerofgravity has over 35.8 million views on TikTok. 

Women are now setting out to prove they have better balance than men.


Apparently boys have a different center of gravity then girls??

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“Apparently boys have a different center of gravity then girls?” the user @skylarkreske said in a video.

She did the challenge with a male friend who pretty much immediately fell on his face when trying to put his hands behind his back. 

When @adanwater tried it with a friend — another point for the ladies’ team. 

Is it true that women have a different center of gravity than men? 

A study from Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling supported the claim. 

“It is well known that on average, women commonly have an 8 – 15% lower longitudinal center of gravity than men,” the study said, attributing the difference to females requiring stability during pregnancy. 

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