What does the chair emoji mean on TikTok and why is it so popular?

The chair emoji is flooding comment sections on TikTok. Nobody knows what it really means. 

Internet sleuths have their theories but some think it may be related to the popular British YouTuber KSI. Others believe it might even have a sexual connotation. Here’s the real story behind those mysterious chair emojis you’ve been seeing. 

Why is the chair emoji suddenly everywhere on TikTok

“People keep posting the chair emoji on my TikTok and I’m having an old man moment what does this meaaaan??” the user @grizzlykobear tweeted on September 9

Someone posted in Reddit’s “Out of the Loop” forum, “What is the deal with people spamming chair emojis under TikTok videos?” 

One person replied, “It’s an innuendo. People are using the chair emoji to say they want the original poster to sit on their face.” 

However, people weren’t satisfied with the answer since a sexual innuendo didn’t always make sense in context. Other Redditors speculated that it was an inside joke started by KSI. 

JJ Olatunji, AKA KSI, has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube, so it’s not hard for him to start a viral trend. On Nov. 23, 2020, KSI shared a vlog where he set out to prove his laughter is contagious by laughing at an inanimate chair. So KSI is known to be affiliated with chairs, but this theory isn’t exactly complete either…

What does the chair emoji mean on TikTok?

The chair emoji trend was somewhat inspired by KSI but it’s TikToker Anthony Mai, AKA @blank.antho, who has been a catalyst for it. Mai has over 1.1 million followers and is known for spreading viral inside jokes. 

“The joke is we’re going to replace laughing emojis with chairs” Mai explained in a video on September 8. “We’re going to be raiding the legend himself KSI.” 

At Mai’s command, TikTokers began to flood KSI’s account with the chair emoji. 

In a video two days later, Mai declared that KSI is in on the joke and showed a screenshot of KSI posting the chair emoji in a comment. Mission accomplished. 

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