Charli D’Amelio addresses controversial video that cost her 1 million followers

After sharing a controversial video, TikTok’s most-followed user Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie are facing serious backlash.

The video, which was titled “Our First Mystery Guest” and shared on the D’Amelio family YouTube channel, was posted Nov. 16. Since then, Charli has lost more than 1 million followers.

What happened in the video?

In the video, the family sat down to eat with their “mystery guest,” beauty influencer James Charles.

Chef Aaron May cooked them a few courses, including paella with snails in it.

Dixie gagged and made faces when she saw the menu. When she found one of the snails in the paella, she smelled it, then started gagging and yelling, “What is this?”

May assured her that the snail was a classic paella ingredient and noted that it was “an omen of good luck and fortune,” but immediately after tasting it, Dixie threw it up over the side of her chair.

Her mother, Heidi, called her dramatic and told her to excuse herself.

“Do we have any dino nuggets?” Charli asked as her sister continued to gag outside.

Later at dinner, Charli discussed her goal of hitting 100 million followers just one year after she hit 1 million.

“Was the 95 not enough for you?” Charles responded, referencing the fact she very recently hit that milestone.

Dixie cut off any further discussion by starting the outro for the video.

“Thank you for watching the first — and likely the last — Dinner with the D’Amelio’s,” Charles said, seemingly predicting the backlash that would follow.

How have people responded?

Viewers slammed the video in the comments section.

“Disgusting and utterly childish behavior,” one said.

“I don’t understand why they even bothered to post this. It’s disgusting how they acted, James deserves major props for how reserved and mature he has acted. This family is something else wow,” another wrote.

At the time the video was posted, Charli had 99.5 million followers — on track to hit her goal of 100 million by the end of the week.

Once social media users caught wind of the video, though, she started losing followers. As of Nov. 19, she has lost more than 1 million, according to YouTuber Def Noodles. She lost most of those in the past 24 hours alone.

Trisha Paytas, a YouTuber who is no stranger to controversy herself and has beefed with nearly every top creator in the space, called the sisters out in a TikTok.

“Let’s take a look at how ungrateful the D’Amelios are,” she wrote.

How did the D’Amelios react to the backlash?

Charli went live on Instagram to address the incident, which she called a “misunderstanding.”

“I don’t even know if I want to do this anymore,” she said in tears. “People telling me to hang myself … blatantly disrespecting the fact that I’m still a human being is not OK at all.”

On the other hand, Dixie’s follower count is going up, according to Insider.

She explained in a TikTok that the snail was a prank from her team. According to her, a scene in which her team tried to convince her to eat it was cut from the original video.


-video…anyways, not posting this for any other reason than to share the truth of something that was ridiculously blown out of proportion…

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

She said that her family and May have an “incredible friendship” and work together to create content for his channel as well as theirs.

“I would never in anyway want to be taken as disrespectful, especially from an out-of-context 15-second clip,” she continued.

Is anyone defending them?

Charli and Dixie aren’t just getting hate — some social media users are showing their support.

“There’s so many worse things to be angry about and people are angry at Dixie for throwing up snail and charli saying it would be cool to have 100m,” one Twitter user said.

“I decided to watch the video to see what people were mad about and they’re hella overreacting. She didn’t even call her fans numbers, just said she couldn’t wait to hit 100 mill and that she liked even numbers. Face with raised eyebrow,” another wrote.

Only time will tell what the final outcome will be from this saga.

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