Mom turns to TikTok for advice after daughter campaigns to make major life decision: ‘What do I do?’

A mom went viral on TikTok for sharing her 5-year-old daughter’s decision to change her name. 

TikTok user Bri (@bri_mom3) posted a series of videos that tell the story of her 5-year-old daughter wanting to change her name from Charlie to Charlotte. The story, which Bri shared in “honor of Women’s History Month,” has gained major traction online with views in the hundreds of thousands.

As Bri explained, her and her husband chose the name Charlie because they loved the name. “She looks like a Charlie,” said Bri. “She’s just, my Charlie girl.”  

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But as Charlie grew up, she realized she didn’t like the name her parents had given her. So she decided to do something about it. 

“At 5 years old, [Charlie] wrote me a persuasive letter on why we should change her name to Charlotte,” said Bri. 

But Charlie’s mission didn’t stop there. She also did her research, learning that in order to change your name in the state of Indiana as a minor, you have to go to court, pay around $200, and have both your parents sign off on the change. 

Charlie then started raising her own money. “She came home from cheer with $80 from selling bracelets,” said Bri. She then kept raising money, until she hit $150. She even went as far as to ask her grandpa to make her a personalized “Charlotte” backpack, and has been going by “Charlotte” for a year at school. She also wrote an opinion piece on why Charlotte is a better name than Charlie.


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Despite all that, Bri was torn on whether or not her and her husband should legally change Charlie’s name. So she looked to the comment section for advice. “What do I do, TikTok?” asked Bri in part 2 of her series. “Help me!” 

For the most part, the comment section was in full support of the name change. 

“If you change her name to Charlotte, then her name is going to be a constant reminder that she can do anything she puts her mind to,” said one comment.

“Change it to Charlotte,” said another. “Charlie can always be a nickname.”

According to Bri, she and her husband agree with the feedback, and are “taking (the name change) more seriously.” Based on the viewer support and response from her parents, it seems Charlie could become Charlotte before long.

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