Woman stuns TikTok with list of her ‘biggest’ hacks for saving money at the movies

A TikToker is going viral after sharing her list of the “biggest” ways to get cheap movie theater tickets.

The trick comes from Emily Uribe (@emilyuuribe), a TikTok creator so well-known for her movie knowledge that the app sent her to the 2022 Oscars. Uribe, who sees countless movies in theaters each month, shared her six tips to avoid breaking the bank.

A few of Uribe’s suggestions involve some light rule-breaking, but most feature discounts you can get on your phone in seconds.

“If you’re not up to date on the apps,” Uribe says in the clip, “you are missing out on a lot of great content and discounts.”

For example, Uribe has a Cinemark rewards membership that costs $10 per month — less than a single movie ticket in many areas. That membership grants her a free ticket every month, plus 20% off concessions and other rewards that build over time.

She also suggests going to the theater on discount days. Depending on the theater, these usually take place during a weekday, like Monday or Tuesday, when business is slow. Prices on those days can be over half off the original price.

And then there’s matinee pricing. Going to theaters earlier in the day will almost always save you money, and Uribe suggests checking your local screening times to compare prices.

On top of that, she does note that she often saves on concessions by sneaking in her own snacks and drinks. It’s worth pointing out that this is against most movie theaters’ policies, and they reserve the right to kick you out if you’re caught.

Uribe’s advice is well-timed, considering the fact that ticket costs have almost doubled over the past two decades. That’s despite many theaters still struggling to fill seats in the wake of the pandemic. Overall, TikTok commenters were grateful for the advice.

“Thank you queen,” one user wrote.

“Cinemark rewards is literally amazingggg,” another added.

“All good tips,” another agreed.

TikTokers were also quick to sing the praises of the AMC A-List program. Although Uribe said she doesn’t have access to AMC theaters in her area, she did recommend the subscription. For $20 a month, members can see up to three free movies per week and get discounts on concessions.

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