Woman catches boyfriend cheating through his sunglasses

A woman is not happy after noticing a small detail in the reflection of her boyfriend’s sunglasses.

TikTok user Angela (@angelalabaaa) said she “finally caught [her] boyfriend cheating” and broke down her sleuthing process in a video featuring multiple screenshots.

In the first photo, Angela showed off her boyfriend. He’s wearing a pair of blue reflective sunglasses. In the reflection, the back of a woman is clearly visible, and she’s seemingly in the front seat of the boyfriend’s rowboat.


how i finally caught my boyfriend cheating on me and then he calls me with her to break up once he was caught ☺️ #fyp #cheater #liar #WhenRiftanSays

♬ what the fuck was that – champagnemami

Angela then cut to the text conversation she had with her boyfriend where she told him, “Doesn’t look like [you’re] by yourself?”

The boyfriend tries to argue that it’s a stranger who happens to be rowing in front of him, but Angela doesn’t buy it. Then, based on Angela’s texts turning from blue to green, she assumes her boyfriend turned his phone off seconds after she confronted him.

“He lied, saying he was with family but was really with this girl,” Angela explained in a comment.

In the comments section, Angela added that she even spoke to the other woman when Angela gave her boyfriend a heads up that she was on her way to his house for a proper conversation.

“They will never admit it,” one commenter said. “Don’t even bother wasting the energy.”

“Oh, he finally did once I said I was on my way to his house and the girl was there, so they called me,” Angela responded.

In a follow-up video, Angela explained why she headed over to her boyfriend’s house in the first place.

“It honestly upsets me that people are being like, ‘Oh, if you knew he blocked you and he cheated on you, why didn’t you just leave it at that?’” she said. “I deserve an explanation for why you did the things you did. Yeah, the explanation I got was s*****, and yeah, I only got it because I was being ‘crazy’ and not leaving him alone and whatever. He still tried lying, saying he was with his family, and then once I said I was on my way there, that’s when he finally wanted to call and admit that he was with another girl.”


he didn’t think he owed me an explanation bc i meant nothing to him – but still 👍🏼 #fyp #manipulator #suck #ThanksandGiving #covid

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The explanation the boyfriend gave her was that it was “all a game.”

Commenters sympathized with Angela’s situation.

“I feel rage reading the texts,” someone wrote. “Like, you just got caught cheating, and now you wanna ignore me?”

“Caught out with a reflection!” another said. “The truth always comes to light!!!”

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