Woman allegedly catches boyfriend cheating after watching his Instagram Story

A woman caught her former boyfriend cheating thanks to something he posted on his Instagram Story.

The woman, Cherliz Cohen, was seeing a guy who she had spoken to years prior. Back then, he “played” her, but she still gave him another chance.

Sadly, it didn’t take long for him to prove that he didn’t deserve another shot. While the two were dating, he allegedly posted a photo of another girl to his Instagram Story with the caption “I’m obsessed.” According to Cohen, he also added a paragraph “about how she’s the first girl he’s ever genuinely loved.”

“I guess he thought I wouldn’t see it,” Cohen said.


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In her now-viral TikTok series explaining the situation, Cohen said that she called her then-boyfriend to ask about the photo and declaration of love — and instead of picking up, he sent her a message that said “Hey can’t talk. With my girl.”

“Did u forget we’re dating????” she responded.

People were furious on Cohen’s behalf.

“I am so sorry you deserve [so much] better,” one person said.

“That’s a new level of toxic,” another added.

“I would have freaking cried,” a third commented.

After he sent those messages, Cohen said that the two of them “had a follow-up FaceTime” so he could explain the situation.

“He said he just met her and that he was really sorry,” she said. She and the guy broke up, and he kept dating the girl from the Instagram Story, though she allegedly ended up cheating on Cohen’s ex.

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