Woman allegedly catches cheating boyfriend with devious phone call

As more and more people are taking to TikTok to share the innovative ways they claim to have caught their significant others cheating, one woman’s technique belongs in the hall of fame.

TikTok user @feliciaburzotta shared a brief story about how she handled a sneaking suspicion her boyfriend might be cheating on her while she was out of town.

“When he said he was going to dinner with the boys but I thought he was lying so I called the restaurant he was at and pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him,” she claimed. “I asked the hostess who was there yet, his boys or his sister.”

The hostess said it was his sister, and that’s how she knew he had to be cheating, she said.

Over the course of several follow-up videos, @feliciaburzotta explained how her sneaky plan allegedly unfolded. When asked why she thought to call the restaurant in the first place, she credited “women’s intuition.”

She said knew what her boyfriend was wearing so she could help the hostess find him because she FaceTimed him earlier. He apparently told her the name of the restaurant he claimed he was going to with his friends.

The scorned girlfriend also claimed she noticed a fake eyelash strip in her boyfriend’s bed, plus she thought it was suspicious that another woman was “always around” and she “couldn’t get rid of her.”

When @feliciaburzotta confronted her boyfriend about the eyelashes, she said he denied it — it wasn’t until she said her friends spotted him with another woman that he confessed.

She told a commenter that after that they then broke up, and he began dating his best friend. It’s all water under the bridge for her now, though, because she said she became a “spiritual baddie and forgot about him” instead of getting revenge.

“She saved me,” @feliciaburzotta said about the hostess who unknowingly tipped her off. “I know my worth.”


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Commenters praised her “innovative” detective work.

“Women are so smart. My ex would be amazed at how good I was catching him in all his lies,” one user wrote.

“This is genius,” another said.

“Thank you for giving me ideas,” a third remarked.

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