Angry woman creatively takes revenge on cheating ex

A TikTok user has divided the internet after sharing how she took revenge on her cheating ex.

On Jan. 11, user @hollynicoleeee_ uploaded a video of herself throwing glitter all over her ex’s apartment while Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” played in the background. She tossed the glitter everywhere: It ended up on his bed, in his shoes, in the shower and on the carpet. No room or piece of furniture was spared.

“It’s not key his car in 2021 … no, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021,” she said in the caption.


It’s not key his car in 2021.. no, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021 #fyp #cheaters

♬ Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

On TikTok, the response to @hollynicoleeee_’s revenge tactic has been mixed.

Many users sided with @hollynicoleeee_ and argued that it was just a harmless prank. Some even gave her suggestions for future places to put the glitter, like on top of the ceiling fan.

“There’s no real damage done,” one person argued.

“Oh my god incredible,” another said.

“I love this because she didn’t actually go all dramatic and destroy anything but she made life difficult still,” a third wrote. “I love it.”

Other people called the act “childish” and called @hollynicoleeee_ out for her “toxic” behavior.

“Can we please stop normalizing this stuff?” one person said. “Walk away and love yourself. Let’s be good people.”

“Idk how y’all think this is okay to do,” another added.

“That’s a little much,” a third wrote.


It’s the trying to turn it around accusing me of doing something with his friend for me 😶 #part3

♬ Valentine – YK Osiris

In a series of follow-up videos, @hollynicoleeee_ shared her ex’s response to the glitter. Naturally, he was less than thrilled.

“That’s childish as f***,” he said.

“So is ghosting me and not giving back my things,” @hollynicoleeee_ replied. “And sleeping with [redacted] and I at the same time.”

According to the messages, the apartment that @hollynicoleeee_ vandalized with glitter is technically her ex’s brother’s. Because of this, many people think @hollynicoleeee_ should have found another way to exact revenge on her ex. Here’s hoping they have a good vacuum.

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