Man allegedly catches girlfriend cheating after spotting reflection in her eyes

One of the latest trends to take over TikTok has people sharing the heartbreaking ways they found out their significant others were cheating on them.

User @samnunn4, whose real name is Sam Nunn, shared footage of a woman who appears to be his girlfriend seemingly using a dating app while they were together.


thought she had fun baking cookies today #fucklove 😔


“Thought she had fun baking cookies today,” he wrote in the caption.

In the video, Nunn zooms in on the woman’s eyes as she’s lying down.

We see the reflection of her phone in which she appears to be swiping through profiles, as one would on a dating app like Tinder. He implies that this is evidence she is cheating.

Commenters showed their support for him.

“Can you record a video of you kicking her out?” one user said.

“If she can lay beside you and swipe through that app without a second thought, she’s done this before. You deserve better,” another wrote.

“Why are girls so heartless,” a third commented.

When users requested an update on the story and asked if his video is really authentic, Nunn responded with a simple “yeah.”

“Nice guys finish last,” he added in the comments.

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