Woman accuses husband of cheating after finding suspicious item in his gym bag

When a woman took a closer look at her husband’s workout gear, she noticed something that made her suspicious of what he’s actually doing when he says he’s working out.

The woman, who goes by @justkatie87 on TikTok, has been using her account since March 9 to “document my crap bag of a husband.” In just two days, she’s already amassed more than 147,000 followers, all of whom are invested in getting to the bottom of the alleged cheating situation.

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In her first video, @justkatie87 zoomed in on a pair of her husband’s sweatpants and explained why she thinks he’s been lying about running after work.


Happy 2021 to me. Not sure what the next step is rn #ohno #husband #fyp #timetoinvestigate #cheaters

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“My husband has been running straight after work lately. He takes a gym bag to work,” she explained. “I haven’t been noticing any physical improvements, but I did notice this while emptying his gym bag,” she added before grabbing a piece of brown hair from his pants. Her hair is blonde.

“THAT AIN’T MINE,” she said firmly.

According to @justkatie87, her husband apparently has a history of cheating. In another video, she said that before they got married, he cheated on another girl. She also added that there are “other key signs” of cheating, which she said she would be documenting.


We used to have the same passcode. Now he’s super protective of his phone. How do I get to look?? #cheater #OurHouse2021 #imontohim #sickofthishit

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One of those signs seems to be that he changed the passcode on his phone. In her third video, she noted that when she tried to open her husband’s phone, she was unable to.

“We used to have the same passcode,” she explained. “Now he’s super protective of his phone. How do I get to look??”

Users were supportive and offered words of sympathy, plus some useful advice.

“I think it’s safe to say that your intuition is trying to tell you something,” one person said. “Trust your gut. And never be afraid to speak up about your feelings.”

“Ask him first why he changed his password then tell him to unlock it,” another suggested. “You’ll get your answer by his reaction. Trust me I know!”

“Those who have nothing to hide hide nothing,” a third added.

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