Cheerleaders have no idea they’re announcing coach’s pregnancy: ‘This gave me the cold chills!’

This cheerleading coach found a creative way to announce her pregnancy to her cheerleaders!

Cheerleading is all about presentation, and mom-to-be and cheer coach Amelia (@mommameils) surprised her cheerleaders with her pregnancy news by telling four of them to hold a piece of paper with a letter on it without showing it to anyone. 

Amelia counts down, and the cheerleaders shout out, “B…A…B…Y” then suddenly look around, confused. The cheerleader holding the “B” asks, “Are you pregnant?” 

After Amelia confirms the news, her young cheerleaders shout with joy and congratulations. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the base cheerleaders never dropped the girls they held up, even after the shocking reveal. 

A commenter agreed, noting, “Love how the people who were holding the girls still had them lifted when you told them.” Teammates hold each other up!

‘They are gonna be like big sisters!’

The video touched viewers’ hearts. One comment read, “This gave me the cold chills!” 

“They are gonna be like big sisters!” another user wrote.

“This is everything!!! The fact you surprised them with this shows how important they are to you!” one user wrote.

“This is so cute and wholesome to watch, and congrats,” commented another user.

This adorable reveal and reaction shows how beloved Amelia is as a coach. Her athletes seem genuinely elated and excited for her. It seems like she won’t have to worry about finding babysitters!

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