Cheesy, crunchy ‘inside out’ omelets are taking over TikTok

Omelets are a fantastic and surprisingly healthy breakfast option that people can make using a variety of ingredients. For those who like a little crunch in their meal, TikTok user and chef Yumna Jawad of Feel Good Foodie (@feelgoodfoodie) has the perfect recipe that turns the omelet inside out — literally!

With more than 1 million TikTok followers, Jawad is known for her hands-on food prep visuals and bright but minimal aesthetic. The sped-up footage of her inside-out omelet process proved equally hypnotic.


Crispy inside out omelette! Such a great low carb breakfast and you can top with any ant veggies! #learnontiktok #eggbreakfast #insideoutomelette

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Jawad begins with shredded cheese on a heated skillet for the omelet’s crispy base. She then pours two whisked eggs directly on top and seasons them with salt, pepper and herbs. When the bottom is crispy, she gently folds the egg patty into a half-moon shape and plates it when the omelet is golden brown. 

This dish can be served with the sides of your choosing. Jawad chose a colorful mix of sliced avocado and cherry tomatoes. Healthy, fresh and filling, this meal checks off so many boxes. A pinch of basil or other herbs provides a photogenic finish.

‘This is genius!’

Viewers were impressed by the feel-good food, with one user declaring, “This is genius!”

 “Why don’t I make omelets more often?!” someone else asked rhetorically.  

“Perfect timing to make it for suhoor!” one viewer wrote, referencing the Islamic term for the early-morning meal eaten before daytime fasting during Ramadan.

Whether you’re trying to improve your cooking skills or think outside the box when it comes to traditional meals, Jawad shows that there are many ways to incorporate your tastes and skill levels into healthy, delicious meals.

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