Chef makes miniature meals using tiny cookware: ‘So satisfying’

One chef specializes in the art of downsizing. The “mini culinaire” on Instagram makes traditional Malaysian dishes and classic treats — except very, very small versions. 

But it’s not just about tiny foods. All of the ingredients, utensils, cookware and the entire kitchen is miniature but functional. Yes, there’s a working blender, a stove with four burners and even a mini box of Kellog’s Corn Flakes

However, the Barbie-sized appliances pale in comparison to the recipes

In one video, the chef prepares a hearty beef stew with roasted potatoes in a yellow ceramic pot on the small stove. He places the stew on a miniature plate and digs into the meal with a teeny-tiny, silver spoon.

The dollhouse cook makes fish and chips in another video. First, they deep-fry the breaded fish on the stove. Then they remove it with a spatula and place the cooked fish on a plate with a tissue to absorb the oil. Next, he tosses the french fries in the hot oil before finally preparing an itty-bitty side salad.

But the mini culinaire’s most-watched clip is something dessert-lovers can get behind: cupcakes.

The vlogger fills a tiny cupcake tray with batter and places it in the small oven. When the timer goes off, they remove each cupcake with a toothpick and plate it on a little white dish. Adorable!

“So satisfying to watch that!” one Instagram user wrote

“Hungry suddenly,” another said

“Amazing!” someone added

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