Chef reveals single ‘small, unimportant’ decision that changed her life forever

A chef shared how a small, seemingly innocuous choice she made ended up changing her whole life.  

Chef Mayra Luz Colón grew up in Puerto Rico eating the traditional foods of her heritage. She has a published cookbook, a line of healthy boricua spices and a thriving business. None of this would have been possible without a single decision she made last year when the pandemic started. 


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Colón responded to a TikToker that asked users to share, “one small, unimportant decision that changed the whole trajectory of your life.”

“Last year during the pandemic, I decided to just go for it with the idea I had in mind to make my own adobo and sazón, Healthy Rican, right here,” Colón explained. “I decided to start blending my own seasonings and start selling them. From that it has turned into this, I have orders going out, bins full of product.”

Colón’s workspace was full of inventory and orders that needed to be fulfilled. But that wasn’t the only success she earned from the choice to start her own business. 

“From that, I was able to launch my cookbook which started as a PDF in 2017 where I shared with my friends that didn’t know how to make Puerto Rican food in a healthy way,” she said. “It’s now a cookbook where I share my story growing up in Puerto Rico. Full of tips and nutrition on how to make your favorite foods without losing the Puerto Rican flavor. I want to thank everyone for supporting me.” 

The cook’s Healthy Rican spice blends are all vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO; they’re also made without artificial colors, ingredients or MSG (although some feel MSG gets a bad rap due to a decades-long anti-Asian media narrative). As Colón said, sometimes you have to just go for it. Who knows what success lies ahead!

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