Chef slams customer over ‘unreasonable’ dinner order: ‘You have to pay’

A chef at a restaurant confronted a group of customers who sent their steak back.

He shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A*******” forum to see if he handled things correctly. The issue was a customer wanted a new steak because it was overcooked, but wouldn’t send the meal back to the kitchen. When the customer and his friends got rowdy with their server, the chef refused to make another steak. 

“So I’m a head chef, in a place that specializes in steak,” the Reddit poster said. “A group of maybe five fellas all order pretty expensive steaks. All steaks go out and shortly after a waiter comes back asking for a new one because it was over-done. I say yes but she needs to take the wrong steak from them before I do anything. She comes toddling back in and says, ‘they won’t let me bring the steak back, because his mate said he’ll eat it if it’s just going to go in the bin.'” 

He told the server to let the customers know they won’t get a new steak until they returned the old one. 

“She comes back saying they’re kicking off and generally being d*****. So I go out and tell them exactly what she had just told them… then I see all steaks have been eaten, even the one that was meant to come back. So I say, if you want a new steak, you’ll have to pay for it,” the chef explained.

Reddit users chimed in with their opinions. 

“The thing about dining at a restaurant is: you have to pay for the food,” one user said.  

“If you send something back to the kitchen, you have to do just that. So it’s certainly an unreasonable expectation,” another wrote

“Send it back means send it back,” someone commented

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