Chester Zoo celebrates birth of two endangered parrots

The Chester Zoo is celebrating the birth of two rare Great Green Macaw parrots. The endangered chicks hatched in April and appear to be developing well.

The baby birds have remained hidden inside their nests and are being cared for by their parents Roy and Dee. Zookeepers have maintained a watchful eye, ensuring there are plenty of nuts, seeds and fruit to keep the chicks happy and well-fed.

The parrots still require more time in the nest, where their parents will teach them the behaviors necessary to transition into adulthood. Birds: They’re just like us!

And just like humans, existential dangers challenge their existence. There are fewer than 2,500 Great Green Macaws in the world. These colorful birds with green, blue and red feathers are native to Central and South America.

“Global populations of the Great Green Macaw have been decimated by more than 50 percent in just the last three generations,” bird curator Andrew Owen said in a press release.

Habitat destruction, logging and deforestation all pose threats to the species. Moreover, Great Green Macaws are also coveted exotic animals, so they’re often removed from their natural homes to be sold in the illegal pet trade.

“To have successfully reared these magnificent birds is therefore really wonderful news,” Owen said. “We hope these stunning new arrivals will prove to be vital additions to the European endangered species breeding program.”

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