Woman receives Chewy order 15 months late: ‘Why did we just get this?’

A woman was stunned when her Chewy order arrived over 15 months late. 

We all know that things get lost in the mail sometimes. The sheer volume that delivery services have to transport around the country on a regular basis is no joke. We can all understand a few delays with our packages, but we can only wait so long before our patience is tested. 

Chewy is an online pet food and product retailer. When Jordan Boggess got a box from the company in the mail, she knew something was off. 

“I came home to find this mangled box on my porch. We hadn’t ordered a Chewy shipment yet and I come over and check the date. This shipped in February of 2021. It is now 2022. Almost June. Why did we just get this?” Boggess asked the camera. 

“This may actually be the fault of shipping from FedEx,” she added in the comment section. 

Most people felt like the issue was the carrier’s fault, and all signs pointed to a FedEx screwup. 

“Ex FedEx employee, they do not have a care in the world for your package so you might have another one on the way from 2020 they found cleaning lol,” a user said

“We sent grandpa a birthday card just in time for him to receive it on his birthday…. five years later,” another wrote

“As someone who works for a company that partners with FedEx, this was definitely FedEx’s fault,” a person replied

“That box has seen some stuff,” someone added

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