Chick-fil-A employee reveals their most outlandish alleged food orders

A Chick-fil-A employee is going viral after sharing some of their most bizarre alleged food orders.

The video was posted on TikTok by an alleged Chick-fil-A employee with the user name @etherealloverboy. In the clip, @etherealloverboy reads several unusual and confusing orders — including one from a customer who allegedly wanted “mac and cheese with a straw.”

On TikTok, strange fast-food orders are nothing new. Employees previously shared their experiences with demanding patrons, including a Taco Bell prank gone wrong and a Subway customer who wanted their sandwich “oozing” with sauce. Meanwhile, customers have also filmed their own attempts to order gigantic Chipotle burritos and “burnt” Subway sandwiches.

The clip from @etherealloverboy is a bit different. The TikToker’s video opens with a wall of alleged Chick-fil-A order labels, many of which are very memorable or extreme.


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Among some of the strange alleged orders is a chicken sandwich cooked “medium rare” like a hamburger and grilled chicken nuggets with “no salt.” One customer allegedly even asked for a Cobb salad with “no grapes,” despite the fact that the item doesn’t feature any grapes at all.

TikTok users were both entertained and confused by @etherealloverboy’s clip.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote.

“Is nobody talking about the red flag with ‘angry with fruit cup?’ What does that mean?” another asked.

“My nightmare is ending up on one of these,” another joked.

Other TikTokers used the opportunity to share their own allegedly strange experiences taking fast food orders.

“I work at Five Guys,” one user wrote. “Had someone send in a DoorDash order request for us to fill a regular soda cup with chocolate syrup… yeah, that didn’t happen.”

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