Mom stuns TikTok with her Chick-fil-A tortilla wrap: ‘This looks so good’

This mom’s DIY Chick-fil-A tortilla wrap recipe has TikTok viewers shook!

TikToker Lex Frost (@_ms_frost_) is a busy parent, teacher, and food-lover who enjoys sharing clips from her restaurant and fast food chronicles. One of Frost’s videos features her recipe for a tortilla wrap inspired by Chick-fil-A and viewers all over TikTok are drooling!

In the video, Frost begins by slicing a tortilla halfway through the middle. Next, she squirts a generous amount of Chick-fil-A sauce onto one corner of the tortilla. Frost moves clockwise around the tortilla, adding crispy chicken nuggets to the top left corner, followed by waffle fries, before culminating with mac and cheese in the bottom right quadrant. 

Frost delicately assembles her tortilla wrap à la Chick-fil-A starting with the corner covered in sauce and then folding it in the same order she placed each ingredient. 

While watching her fold the wrap, one can’t help but wonder if the tortilla is strong enough to hold all the Chick-fil-A goodies. 

However, the impressively thick tortilla wrap does make it to the skillet and then, once golden brown, to the plate in one piece before a grinning Frost shows it off to the camera before finally taking the first bite.

Viewers instantly felt hunger pangs after witnessing the birth of this Chick-fil-A masterpiece. 

“How dare you? I am hungry now,” one user playfully scolded. 

“Thanks a lot. It’s 11:30 at night, and I’m hungry,” chimed in another viewer.

In addition to Frost’s mouthwatering recipe, viewers were also impressed by the tortilla’s resilience against the hefty Chick-fil-A meal. 

“I need a relationship as strong as that tortilla,” one user professed. 

“That tortilla is stronger than my will to live,” joked another viewer. 

Based on the passionate response to Frost’s video, Chick-fil-A might want to consider adding her tortilla wrap to their menu!

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