Chicken lays an egg in the middle of a woman’s YouTube video

TikTok user jessechrisss watched a YouTube tutorial to learn how to recreate one of Kylie Jenner’s most famous looks, but she got much more than she bargained for.

She said that about one third of the way through the video, the Youtuber’s chicken laid an egg in her bed.


not what i signed up for but i’m here for it and immediate subscribed

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Instead of stopping the video and editing that part out, the YouTuber collected the egg, fried it up for breakfast and rewarded the chicken with whipped cream.

Not what you expected, right? The YouTuber is Micarah Tewers, who is both well known for recreating celebrity outfits for less and showing her subscribers how she cares for her pet ducks and chickens.

TikTok users sang her praises in the comments of the video.

“She’s amazing. All her videos are the perfect combination of education and chaos,” one user said.

“She’s a wild one and I love her,” another wrote.

For the record, Tewers powered through after the chicken mishap to finish the dress and the video — and they both look amazing.

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