Woman tries to cook chicken nuggets and accidentally sets them on fire

You think you’re a bad cook? At least you’ve never tried to cook chicken nuggets and set them on fire.

While home for Thanksgiving, dancer @maylieshay decided to make herself some dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for breakfast. (On Thanksgiving, every food is breakfast food.) Somehow, though, the amateur cook managed to set her nuggets on fire.

“Hey dad! Do we have a fire extinguisher? ‘Cause I definitely lit those on fire,” @maylieshay asks her dad in a viral video of the incident, which has 3.2 million views and more than 518,000 likes.

The nuggets are no match for @maylieshay’s dad, though. He dauntlessly walks up to the oven, grabs the blazing plate of nuggets and casually brings it outside so the rest of the house doesn’t also go up in smoke.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” @maylieshay jokes as her dad places the burning platter on the front porch.

Many people were impressed by @maylieshay’s dad’s nonchalant attitude during the stressful ordeal.

“My only goal in life is to be as calm as this father about everything ever,” one person said.

“Dad’s doing what dads do best,” another added.

“HOW was he so calm,” a third asked.

Others were confused — and alarmed — by @maylieshay’s underwhelming cooking skills.

“You burnt dino nuggets… how,” one person asked.

“Never cook again,” another added.

“How do you even do this,” a third wrote.

In the comments, several people — some of whom claimed to be firefighters — noted that if this happens, the best thing to do is just close the oven door. That way, the fire will be starved of oxygen.

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