Chickpea cookie dough is TikTok’s latest food hack — but not everyone’s impressed

A woman has social media torn after sharing her “healthy” hack for making safe, edible cookie dough.

The recipe, which some called “delicious” while others claimed its secret ingredient tasted “bad” and “disappointing,” was shared by TikTok user Nicole Renard.

Renard presented her recipe as an alternative to traditional raw dough, which, according to the CDC, you should definitely not eat.

The TikToker’s secret: chickpeas. The hearty, protein-rich legumes, which are perhaps used most prominently in humus, are a major party of Renard’s cookie dough, which she says is safe to eat raw.


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Renard’s dough uses one can of chickpeas, blended up and mixed with peanut butter, vanilla, almond flour, maple syrup and a pinch of salt.

That ingredient list — which doesn’t include any of the raw flour and eggs that are known to cause diseases such as E. coli and salmonella poisoning — are designed so home chefs can eat their cookie dough straight out the bowl.

“This is solid stuff you guys,” Renard says after mixing her dough with a healthy portion of chocolate chips and diving in for a bite.

The recipe spawned plenty of reactions from TikTok users, including some who tried the recipe themselves and weren’t particularly impressed.

“I tried this and it tastes like bad hummus,” one user wrote.

“Hi, I made this and broke my blender. It also was HIGHLY disappointing,” another added.

Others, however, were far kinder, saying their attempts to make the chickpea dough went surprisingly well.

“Just made this! I added a little honey in mine for some extra sweetness. It’s AMAZING,” one user wrote.

“Oh em gee. Just made this with [gluten free] flour. This stuff is DANGEROUSLY delish,” another added.

For adventurous chefs looking to give the recipe a try, Renard noted in the video’s comments that her dough is not meant for baking. Since there’s essentially no leavening agent in the recipe, it likely won’t turn into actual cookies.

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