Confused child calls 911 to get help with their math homework: ‘You said if I need help to call somebody!’

A concerned child couldn’t figure out how to solve their math homework, so they called the first person they could think of for help — 911!

In this audio-only video, posted by TikTok account 911 Calls (@911_stories_), a 911 dispatcher answered the phone, saying, “911, what’s your emergency?” A young child responded, “Yeah I need some help.” A situation was certainly under way!

The dispatcher asked “What’s the matter?” 

The young student, determined to get some answers, replied, “With my math! I have… takeaways.” 

The dispatcher was more than willing to help with the child’s subtraction problem. He responded kindly, “Oh you gotta do the takeaways? Alright, what’s the problem?” 

The child repeats himself, reminding the officer, “You have to help me with my math!” The officer remained calm while managing this “emergency” and said, “Tell me what the math is.” 

The child found a problem and declared that he couldn’t figure out “five takeaway five.” As the dispatcher tried to help the child figure it out, the child’s mother realized he was on the phone.

“Joni! What are you doing?” she asked the child. 

“The policeman’s helping me with my math!” the child answered emphatically. 

“What did I tell you about playing on the phone?” the child’s mom responded. 

The child defended themself passionately, saying, “You said if I need help to call somebody!” 

“I didn’t mean the police!” his mom cried out as the video ended.

While this confusion may make for an adorable TikTok, it’s important to avoid mishaps like these and discuss the appropriate use for 911 with children. 

TikTokers are cracking up at this hilarious recording

This TikTok has 32.1 million views and counting. The exchange between the dispatcher and the young student delighted viewers.

One TikToker joked, “He understood what had to be done.” Math is no small conquest! 

Another viewer commended the officer’s patience, writing “That was so nice of that officer! Nothing but respect for him!”

In Joni’s defense, kids are often instructed to call 911 when there’s an emergency, and as far as the child was concerned, their math homework was quite the emergency. 

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