14-month-old meets dog for the first time ever: ‘They both made a friend’

Whether we grew up with one or not, dogs seem like they’ve always been in our lives. It may even be hard to remember the first time you met one. 

This 14-month-old boy’s first encounter with a dog might help you recall the magical moment. TikToker @elihuslen shared the very first time her son saw a dog in person. 

The adorable boy sported a yellow beanie and jean jacket while playing outside. When a fluffy dog approached, his jaw completely dropped. The dog owners let the lucky kid approach the canine, who looked just as eager to make a new friend. 

The dog laid down and the boy followed suit, getting on his hands and knees. Then the 14-month-old jumped up and down and enjoyed petting the dog’s head. But when the dog went in for a kiss on the face, the little guy got a little overwhelmed a scurried away. 

The video received over 1.4 million views on TikTok

“Love it! The baby lies down to the dog’s level. He has the natural instinct to know that makes a dog comfortable,” a user said

“And just like that they both made a friend,” another wrote

Baby just told you he needs a dog,” someone added

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