‘Chili Gushers’ are TikTok’s latest food trend — but can you handle the heat?

A new “homemade” candy recipe has social media users deeply divided — with some praising the idea while others claimed they simply can’t stomach it.

The trend, which has been shared widely on TikTok during the last few months, involves making some serious changes to Gushers, the chewy, sugary snacks you might remember from your school lunches.

Called dulces enchilados, or “chili Gushers” these trendy snacks basically just involved making the popular treats extremely spicy — by adding Chamoy sauce, a spiced Mexican condiment, with popular Mexican spices like Tajín.

It’s worth noting that the dulces enchilados concept has existed for a while now, with spicy takes on Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and other candies available in stores and online. Somehow, though, “chili Gushers” have recently risen above the rest.

One possible explanation? Social media users seem either extremely hot (sorry) or incredibly cold on them. Some TikTokers are obsessed with the spicy-sweet candies, while others have doubted their ability to handle the heat.

In one particularly popular video, a user named stephandbrii teaches their followers how to prepare the treat. The clip has received nearly 2 million views, and thousands of divisive comments.


We made chili gushers 🤤🔥 @shelydoll thanks for idea 🙌🏼 ##foryou ##fyp ##chiligushers ##viral ##yum ##foryoupage

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In their version, the TikTokers coat Gushers in a mixture made of Tajín, Chamoy sauce, Lucas Chamoy (a candy made of sweet and sour powder), tamarindo bars (a spicy, salty Mexican candy) and lemon juice.

Several commenters were immediately obsessed with the creation, praising the recipe or saying they’d already copied it at home.

“My mouth watered while watching this,” one user wrote.

“Ima tell my mom to take to me to the store just to make that,” another added.

Other users, some of whom may not have been familiar with similar Mexican candies, seemed confused. Several said there’s no way they could handle the spice — nor would they want to.

“How can y’all eat that,” one user asked.

“I don’t think they mix well together,” another added.

“My kidneys are gonna hurt after that one,” another joked.

Regardless of the reactions, stephandbrii seemed more than happy with their end result.

“And then it’s all gone!” the TikToker said at the end of their video.

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