Chinese ‘glam-mas’ are taking the internet by storm: ‘Cooler than I’ll ever be’

A group of fashionable women over 60 have taken Beijing by storm. Dubbed “glam-mas,” the women went viral this summer when a video of them strutting down the street in traditional qipao dresses garnered over 50 million views in a day, according to Reuters

The group is made up of retired models who met at a modeling training course 20 years ago. Its club members embrace fashion and beauty at any age simply by sharing their divine outfits on social media.

“Your life is grey if you are always afraid of aging and death,” 64-year-old glam-ma member, Lin Wei, told Reuters. “You are old, you have wrinkles, you don’t have too much energy or your figure becomes baggy. But this is something you can’t go against, so you need to face it with positivity.”

When the pandemic meant that seniors had to stay indoors, the group began creating videos of their lifestyle and posting them online. They have since amassed over a million followers on Douyin, a Chinese video-sharing platform and 472,000 followers on TikTok under their handle, fashion_grannies.

The women mix traditional and modern fashion, but no matter what they’re wearing it’s always chic. Some days they have coordinated denim outfits, while on others they’re rocking ornate hanfu garments

But the crew’s most popular TikTok video might be its most edgy. The women sport black qipao with black combat boots. Their looks are decked out with silver chain embellishments, trendy triangle sunglasses and leather belts. And like in all of their videos, the glam-mas have got attitude. 

The video racked up 3.1 million views. TikTok users were dazzled. 

“They’re cooler than I’ll ever be,” one user wrote

“I screamed. They’re so beautiful,” another said

“This is too much for my little heart,” someone added

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