TikTok users are sticking chip clips on things they can’t finish

TikTok has found an interesting use for all those extra bag clips laying around. 

The “Chip clip” TikTok trend has people slapping bag clips on anything they can’t finish. And we mean anything. Traditionally bag clips are used to reseal bags of chips or other unfinished pantry items to maintain freshness. TikTok has taken things to the next level by using the bag clip to symbolize any so-called incompleted task. 

What is the ‘Who can’t finish’ or ‘Chip clip’ trend on TikTok? 

On May 28, the TikTok user @1finn7 started the trend with one hilariously, random video. 

“Who TF (the f***) can’t finish a Starbust?” @1finn7 said in a video caption. 

Then the camera panned to a single red Starburst with a giant black bag clip on it. 

Since then other TiKTokers have turned the video into a meme by placing bag clips where they don’t usually belong.


@lxc.vfx 😳😳@paulgocrazy.edits cum notice this man #fyp#downbad#NFLPlayoffs #edit#awhellnaw#sus

♬ original sound – FODDER

Each video uses the same sound created by @twxt.vfx. The audio is known as “Who invited this kid?” It features a group of men engaging in a dialogue, saying, “Oh my god, bro,” “Oh hell no, man, what the f***, man?” Then finally a high-pitched voice says, “Who invited, this kid?” 

People often respond to the meme in the comments using the phrase “who invited this kid” with the chipmunk emoji dispersed between each word. The chipmunk presumably represents the high-pitched voice, perhaps referencing the voices of the cartoon Alvin and The Chipmunks. 

Some examples of the ‘Chip clip’ trend on TikTok 

“Who TF can’t finish petting a dog?” @mattqew asked as he shook his head in disbelief.

Then he cut to a shot of his dog with a bag clip on its head. 

The hilarious meme racked up over 5.7 million views on TikTok. 

“Who invited this kid,” someone wrote with five chipmunk emojis.

“Shouldn’t have opened it if you weren’t going to finish,” another joked.

“Who TF can’t finish breathing?” @zandrox__ said. 

He showed footage of a bag clip floating in midair as if someone clipped the oxygen. 

“You won this trend,” a person commented.

“This trend is so good,” a user wrote

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