Chipotle abandons humanity, starts charging for tortillas on the side

In a final blow to society’s sanity, Chipotle has decided to get rid of the beloved “tortilla on the side” hack. Now, on both the app and the website, the extra tortilla that burrito bowl buyers typically opt-in for will cost an extra 25 cents.

Credit: Chipotle

Chipotle’s burrito bowl — arguably the best item on the menu — comes packed with protein, rice and vegetables, and customers have been reminded for years that, yes, guacamole will cost extra. But back then, at least they got a free tortilla.

Now Twitter users (and several In The Know Slack channels) are in a frenzy over the new change. Chipotle did not make a formal announcement regarding the extra charge, presumably aware of the backlash it was about to receive for charging an additional quarter to complete the perfect meal.

The go-to move for many Chipotle lovers was to make their own burrito with their free tortilla and the contents of the burrito bowl because sometimes the in-house made burritos leak and the bowls come with more food.

Also, if you play it smart, you can essentially split the meal into two — half burrito bowl, half burrito.

Will this permanently deter burrito bowl fans from ordering the tortilla on the side? Probably not, seeing as they’re already paying as much as $12 to $14 for it. But this hurts us, Chipotle.

Stressed about this news? Chipotle released its guacamole recipe so you can make it at home.

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