Chipotle customer sparks debate with video of employee’s burrito-wrapping attempt

A Chipotle customer is sparking a wide-spanning debate after sharing a clip of an employee’s attempt to wrap her burrito.

The video, from a user named @sweetypienik, shows one of the chain’s workers struggling to wrap a very full burrito. The moment has led to a major conversation about who’s to blame when customers place difficult or elaborate orders.

It’s a conversation that’s been prominent on TikTok for months, largely due to the number of fast-food workers who’ve opened up about their difficulties with customer requests.

Starbucks baristas, in particular, have shared videos of drink orders that were too big for their blenders, while some have even claimed that internet-famous drinks are “designed” to get them fired. Meanwhile, a TikToker recently faced backlash after attempting to order “everything” on the menu at Taco Bell.

In @sweetypienik’s video, the Chiptole employee is seen trying to wrap multiple tortillas around her order. The TikToker wrote in her captions that the food looked “disgusting.”

“Chipotle did us dirty!” she added.

However, other TikTok users didn’t see things the same way. Many were quick to jump in and defend the employee, saying it looked like @sweetypienik had requested a complex meal.

“So you double up on everything and then get mad it was hard to roll, OK,” one user wrote.

“I work at Chipotle and that’s not the employee’s fault,” another added.

“That’s your fault,” another agreed.

It’s unclear exactly what @sweetypienik ordered, but the burrito does appear much fuller than usual. As with all fast-food chains, there are countless viral food hacks customers use to get the most bang for their buck. Some of those hacks involve asking for extras of certain items or mix-matching the chain’s meats in order to get extra protein.

At one point, someone off-camera in @sweetypienik’s video asks the employee to “just drop it in a bowl like that,” as the tortilla seems to be breaking. But TikTok commenters thought the worker did the best they could.

“OK, let’s see you do better,” one user wrote.

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