Chipotle employee reveals the ‘most annoying’ items to make for customers

A Chipotle employee’s TikTok is going viral after the worker shared the “most annoying” items on the chain’s menu.

The TikToker, who posts under the username @thecharlesniko, posted the behind-the-scenes video on March 9. In it, the Chipotle employee and his co-workers share their least favorite ingredients to prepare.

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A few of the items — cilantro and lettuce — appear to make the list for being particularly hard to cut. As evidence, @thecharlesniko shows his co-workers handling the greens while jokingly frowning at the camera.

Another annoying item, according to @thecharlesniko, is guacamole.

In his video, the TikToker doesn’t specify why it’s so difficult to prepare. He does, however, show an employee cutting dozens of avocados — and mixing the dish together in a massive bowl.


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Overall, the video feels pretty lighthearted — especially compared to other TikToks in which employees at chains like KFC, McDonald’s and Little Cesar’s have claimed to “expose” their restaurant’s food prep process.

In fact, it seems as though there are plenty of items @thecharlesniko enjoys making. The TikToker posted a follow-up video sharing, conversely, his favorite dish to prepare.

That item was the chain’s shredded cheese, which, according to the video, starts out as a gigantic block.


Prepping cheese soothes me 🤣 ##chiptole ##fyp ##foryoupage ##cheese ##fastfood

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Meanwhile, @thecharlesniko managed to get plenty of support in his first video’s comments. Many users claiming to also work at Chipotle echoed his thoughts — and added a few gripes of their own.

“I choose any of those over making chips and salsa,” one user wrote.

“It’s dicing onions,” another added.

“I hate prepping mild salsa,” another wrote.

Other users used the opportunity to share their love for Chipotle — thanking @thecharlesniko and his co-workers for all the food prep.

“We love and appreciate y’all though,” one user wrote.

“At least it’s fresh,” another wrote.

“This just made me DoorDash Chipotle,” another added.

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