Chipotle employee reveals how the chain makes its signature guacamole

One highly discussed topic for many fast-food fans is Chipotle’s guacamole.

And now, the internet has a firsthand look at how the guac is made. It’s all thanks to a TikToker who posts under the apt username, Chipotle Guy (@thechipotleguy).

Chipotle Guy’s page is full of behind-the-scenes secrets and cooking videos, but his avocado dip clip seemed to strike a particularly strong chord.

It’s just the latest restaurant secret to go viral on TikTok, an app where fast-food employees often go to share their insider knowledge. In recent months, users have also revealed the big difference between McDonald’s “round” and “folded” eggs, as well as how Waffle House workers can communicate with a “secret” code.

The secret in Chipotle Guy’s video was much more straightforward, as there’s nothing surprising about the chain’s guacamole recipe. Still, users were excited by the possibility of copying the exact process at home.

“Y’all wanted to see Chipotle guac, so here it is,” the video’s caption reads.

At the start of the video, Chipotle Guy pours a container of salt over a large bowl of avocado pieces. Then, he mashes the avocado down to a pulp. Next, he adds a “precut” blend of onions, jalepeños, cilantro and citrus juice before mixing everything together. Finally, he folds the guacamole into a handful of the chain’s signature topping containers.

The simple recipe seemed to both mesmerize and inspire viewers. Currently, Chipotle Guy’s clip has over 3.6 million views.

“I couldn’t do that without eating half of it first,” one user joked.

“I’ll be making this at home,” another wrote.

“Why was the mashing so satisfying?” another asked.

Others, however, used the video as a chance to complain about Chipotle’s prices. The beloved Chipotle guac costs extra on the menu — a charge which began as a minor annoyance and is now a full-on meme.

“That’ll be $800,” one commenter joked.

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