A college student got caught ordering at Chipotle during her Zoom class

As all Chipotle lovers know: Sometimes that burrito just can’t wait.

There are some downsides to that philosophy, of course. Case in point: A college student is currently going viral for ordering at Chipotle during her virtual class.

The incident was caught on video by a TikTok user named Jess. In the clip, Jess shows what happened when one of her classmates accidentally left her microphone on when calling in from the Chipotle order line.


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The student, seemingly named Josephine, appears to be calling into class with her phone. All the while, she’s attempting to order some food.

“Can I do a little sour cream,” Josephine says while the professor attempts to wrap up her lecture.

Jess can be heard laughing at the incident, and it’s clear she’s not the only one who noticed. The professor ultimately called Josephine out, saying her mishap was the “perfect ending” to the class.

The incident earned plenty of praise on TikTok, including from Chipotle’s own account, which called Josephine a “legend.” Some, however, were critical of the mistake.

“This is mad disrespectful,” one user wrote.

“Why am I getting secondhand embarrassment?” another asked.

For what it’s worth, Josephine is nowhere near the first student to make this mistake. Earlier this fall, a student called into her virtual class in the middle of a dentist appointment.

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