Chipotle employee reveals ‘game-changing’ burrito bowl hack

The latest Chipotle TikTok hack could be a “game-changer.”

That is, if you love cheesy burrito bowls. The order tip, courtesy of Chipotle employee Jack Early, will allegedly make your meal “that much better.”

Early’s “crazy technique,” as he calls it, is actually pretty simple: If you want shredded cheese in your bowl or salad, order it first, before the rice, beans and everything else.

The reasoning? This way, the cheese stays warm and actually melts into the other ingredients. Usually, when the cheese is added toward the end of an order, it stays cold and solid.

“Most of the time, people will add cheese at the top of their bowl, because the cheese is at the end of the line,” Early explains in his clip.


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As the Chipotle worker points out, this all but guarantees that you’ll have cold cheese in your order. Of course, as Early points out, everyone has their own preferences — so, if you don’t like melty cheese, the TikTok hack may not be for you.

Some Chipotle lovers certainly seemed excited, though. Many praised Early’s trick as a “game-changer.”

“I’m hungry just watching this,” one user wrote.

“I want it at the bottom and the top,” one user joked.

“OK now I want Chipotle,” another added.

Other commenters, however, said they were afraid to ask for their food out of order because they didn’t want to “bother” the employees. That seems to be a common trend among Chipotle hacks — like requesting a free tortilla or asking for two separate proteins — which usually involve adding extra steps to the order process.

For those who are willing to ask a few extra questions, though, Early’s TikTok page has plenty of tips and tricks for improving your meal. The same can be said for Chipotle’s own TikTok page, which shares tips like how to make your own “tortilla fork” at home.

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