We tried Chipotle’s homemade ‘tortilla fork’ hack, and things got … interesting

There are two kinds of people in this world: burrito people and bowl people.

At least, that’s how it feels at Chipotle. Still, if you’re a bowl person (like this writer), you’ve probably felt that pang of regret when you open your bag and remember there’s no floury tortilla waiting for you inside.

Thankfully, Chipotle seems to have a solution. It’s delicious, innovative, environmentally conscious and ensures that bowl-lovers get a healthy dose of tortilla in their lives.

It’s the tortilla fork.

Chipotle shared the unconventional idea on TikTok, drawing nearly 6 million views. In the clip, an employee executes what is either the most genius or most unhinged idea this writer has ever seen.


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In the video, the concept seems to work perfectly. It also seemed incredibly simple — like you didn’t have to be a trained Chipotle employee to pull it off.

So naturally, we had to try it. Here’s what happened when the In The Know staff attempted to make Chipotle’s homemade tortilla fork.

How to make a ‘tortilla fork’

First up, ingredients. At home, go ahead and gather a sharp knife, a cutting board and a generous amount of vegetable oil.

Then, place your Chipotle order. You’re probably going to want to get a bowl or a salad (although you really want to try this with nachos, no judgment). The key here is to ask for a tortilla on the side when you place your order — don’t worry, the addition is free.

Now, the execution. Start by unraveling your tortilla and placing it on the cutting board (Note: as you’ll see in the video above, this writer shamefully, hungrily referred to his tortilla as a “burrito” the entire time).

Then, put a fork over the top and start tracing with your knife, cutting the outline of the fork all the way around. After that, add a few triangular prongs to the mouth end of the fork.

Finally, heat up the oil in a pan until it’s sizzling, and toss in your tortilla fork. If all goes well, your Forkenstein’s Monster will fry up and harden into a living, breathing utensil.

So, does it actually work?

If your definition of a “fork” is “something you can use to eat things,” then no, this hack doesn’t really work. The tortilla fork is too unstable, and crumbled the moment this writer jabbed it into an onion.

Luckily, we prepared a second utensil, which at least managed to scoop up some guacamole. The fork held its form, but at this point, it was more like a tortilla spoon.

Final verdict?

The tortilla fork may not work all that well, but it is decidedly tasty. Taking a bit of your bowl and fork at the same time is like chomping into a miniature puffy taco, although that flavor is certainly fleeting.

Ultimately, it’s hard to enjoy something that disappears in two bites and doesn’t work as a standalone fork. Our suggestion is to try this hack exactly one time for laughs, but don’t count on it as the new, sustainable solution to your non-tortilla woes.

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