Chiropractor’s back cracking TikToks rack up millions of views

Cody Hanish, or Dr. Cody on TikTok, is making the sound of joint cracking the latest ASMR craze. Hanish’s videos rack up millions of views, where each clip features a patient getting a readjustment at Hanish’s Sydney-based chiropractor practice.  

In a video with 4 million views, Hanish stands behind a man who is sitting down and inserts his hands underneath the man’s arms. The patient holds onto Hanish’s thumbs, then lifts his hands behind his neck. Hanish then pulls the man’s shoulders upward. His back lets out a belch of crack. It almost sounds like a hearty burp. 

“That was a really good one,” Hanish says after laughing. 

Hanish uses a similar technique on a woman in a different video with over 19 million views. The woman calmly sits as Hanish lifts her shoulders up to create a cracking crescendo sound. 

One of his most popular videos with 44.8 million views shows a woman laying on her side. She crosses her arms on her chest and Hanish presses on her side — you can hear a series of audible snaps. 

“Oh my god,” the woman remarks with a look of awe on her face. 

The video garnered 1.2 million likes and nearly a thousand comments. 

“That felt good just hearing it,” one user wrote

“Love the way doctor laughs,” another said

“I felt the relief from all the way over here,” one added.

Refiney29 spoke with Hanish about his video phenomenon. He said while he isn’t the first chiropractor to share his work on social media, he attributes the popularity to his love of the job. 

“Most people can connect and be like, ‘Wow that guy loves what he does.’ And I do!” Hanish told Refinery29. “I’ve been in private practice for almost 11 years and every day I come to work and I’m so excited to hear another crack, as weird as that sounds. It never gets old.”

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