Chocolate-covered toddlers adamantly deny stealing cake off the counter: ‘They look innocent to me’

This TikTok parent recorded the hilarious moment she caught her two toddlers stealing her cake!

Bria (@briaallyse) is a parent who loves sharing videos of her two adorably mischievous toddlers, Kasen and Baylor, on TikTok. In one particularly funny video, Bria recorded the moment she caught Kasen and Baylor stealing a chocolate cake from the kitchen.

In the hilariously adorable video, the two tiny cake thieves attempt to deny their guilt even though they are covered in cake!


It’s always cake time in this house apparently 😬🤣 #babiesoftiktok #sahmlife

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The video begins as Bria enters the kitchen. The camera pans up from the kitchen floor to a counter, to reveal a cake platter with just a small, slightly mushy piece of cake left. “What happened to mommy’s cake?” Bria asks, as the camera moves away from the cake and pans down to the floor, where a trail of cake crumbs is revealed. 

The camera follows the cake crumbs, then pans up to show Bria’s son, Kasen, standing in the middle of the kitchen. Kasen is wearing a red shirt, and his face, hands, and feet are all smeared with bits of cake. He stares up innocently at Bria, a wide-eyed, confused expression on his face. 

“Do you know?” Bria asks, to which Kasen emphatically replies, “No!” Despite the cake on his face, the toddler looks genuinely offended at the accusation.

“You have no idea?” Bria asks, as Kasen begins to slowly back away from his mom

“What about you?” Bria asks, turning the camera to face her daughter, Baylor, who is also covered in cake. Baylor looks away from her mom, and refuses to answer. 

“Baylor,” Bria says, “Do you know what happened to my cake?”

Finally, Baylor responds. She turns to look at her mom and her face breaks into a wide grin as she gleefully yells, “Cake!”

The video ends as Bria turns the camera once more to show Kasen, still standing in the kitchen, staring defiantly at his mom. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddlers and their hijinks. 

“They look innocent to me,” one viewer joked. 

“I’m their lawyer and your honor, they are innocent!” wrote another viewer. 

“You can’t be mad at that. They were just making sure it was safe for you to eat. Yes, 100% safe and delicious,” another TikToker replied. 

Baylor and Kasen might not be the sneakiest cake thieves, but they might just be the most adorable!

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