Chocolate lab and toddler can’t contain their joy when Dad comes home from work: ‘What a greeting’

A mom recorded the joy her baby girl and pup feel every time their dad comes home, and TikTok’s heart is bursting.

TikTok mom Maria Hill (@mamamaria.jpg) gained over 3.2 million views and nearly 4,000 comments when she posted the touching footage to her account.

Now, just like the golden retriever who became so lonely after her sisters went off to college, Maria’s viral video is proving that there’s nothing more powerful than the love of your family members (both furry and otherwise).


How she greets daddy every time he comes home from work 😭

♬ It Won’t Be Like This For Long – Darius Rucker

In the video, Maria captures her little girl, Harbor, and her chocolate lab standing by the door, atwitter with excitement at the sight of their dad.

As Dad draws nearer to the door, Harbor squeals and runs away in joy with the pup’s tail wagging like a propeller.

When Maria’s husband sees the two, his face lights up. He walks in, smiling from ear to ear, as he lovingly pets his pup and scoops up his giggling toddler.

Overtop of the sweet footage plays “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” by Darius Rucker, a fittingly heartwarming song for the moment.

“It won’t be like this for long / One day soon we’ll look back laughin’ / At the week we brought her home / This phase is gonna fly by / So, baby, just hold on / It won’t be like this for long.”

He’s such a good dad to them both…”

The sweet welcome moved TikTokers — and for many, the footage brought up memories of their own little ones, now grown.

“So sweet. Enjoy it, cause [it] goes so fast,” one user wrote.

“God, I miss that so much! Enjoy it while you can, my friend,” another user shared.

“What a greeting! I miss those days. Enjoy every minute!” advised another.

Other TikTokers were touched by his love for both his baby girl and his pup.

“He’s such a good dad to them both. Petting the dog as you reached for the baby — I loved this. Happy family!” commented one user.

“You know he’s amazing if he greets the dog too,” another user wrote.

“It don’t get no better than that. Such love from the little one and the furry kid as well,” commented another user.

“Best two pure souls in the world, kids and dogs!” wrote another.

Maria’s video reminds us to treasure every moment with the people we love, especially those seemingly small moments that make such big impacts on our lives.

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