‘Chrissy Wake Up’: TikToker remixes a sad scene from ‘Stranger Things 4’ into a happy tune

TikTok’s current hype for Stranger Things season 4 has produced a new meme: the “Chrissy Wake Up” remix.

The song was created by user @schmoyoho, best known for his viral meme remixes on YouTube, such as the “Double Rainbow” song. This time around, @schmoyoho made a funny “wake-up alarm” out of a grim scene from the first volume of Stranger Things 4.

“Made an alarm for all the Chrissys and Chrises,” @schmoyoho wrote in the video’s caption.

“It’s glorious. Legally changing my name to Chrissy,” a TikToker commented.

Stranger Things Season 4: The Musical,” another said.

The “Chrissy Wake Up” remix has since become a widely used sound on TikTok. Some users have even tried setting it as their actual morning alarm.


Its so scary! I legit thought someone had died

♬ original sound – schmoyoho

“I put this as my alarm,” TikToker @that.hot.bastard wrote. “I almost s*** myself of fright when it rang.”

“When I tell you my soul left my body,” a TikTok user commented.

“I DID IT WITH THE CURSED CLOCK SOUND, AND I STARTED CRYING,” wrote another Stranger Things fan, referencing this season’s grandfather clock TikTok trend.

In true TikTok fashion, users quickly created a dance to accompany the “Chrissy Wake Up” remix.

Despite the positive tone of the remix, dedicated Stranger Things fans have criticized the song, as it parodies a character’s death scene from the new season. TikTok user @imotaku_0 shared this video to show how people mindlessly dance to one of the saddest scenes in the Netflix series.

TikTokers quickly defended their love for the “Chrissy Wake Up” song.

“[The girl was] brutally unalived in a FICTIONAL SHOW!” one user commented.

“We have been faced with horrible tragedies our whole lives, so we gotta cope somehow,” another said.

“I’ve never seen Stranger Things, but the clapping gives me so much serotonin,” someone else wrote.

@schmoyoho also posted a full version of the “Chrissy Wake Up” remix and more “songified” scenes from the new season on his YouTube channel. The video is not spoiler-free, so watch at your own risk!

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