Family is horrified to discover Christmas tree is bursting with baby praying mantises

A family’s red-flocked Christmas tree had some surprise visitors inside.

TikToker @angelarouege declared this was the “last time” her family would get a red-flocked Christmas tree after the incident. When they unboxed the tree, its red-tinged branches were covered in praying mantises and their eggs. 

The video showed tiny white eggs tucked away in the flock. Unfortunately, the eggs began to hatch rapidly. The family noticed praying mantises jumping from branch to branch and onto the walls and ceiling. 

They frantically began to scream as the bugs jumped “everywhere.” Not exactly the Christmas magic they’d been hoping for. 

The hilarious video received 2.1 million views on TikTok

“I raise praying mantises, they are cute and harmless. Each egg sac though can hatch between 50-200 babies,” someone commented

“At least it wasn’t spiders or bees,” a person joked

“This isn’t that uncommon which is why you should always check your Christmas trees before bringing them inside,” a user wrote

Baby the fire department wouldn’t have been able to put out the fire I set,” a TikToker replied

“The one and only time my parents bought a real tree and this same thing happened, they never bought another real tree the rest of my childhood,” another added

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