Parents build ‘magical’ Christmas tree with secret room for kids: ‘You just won Christmas’

This mom and dad struck the perfect balance between adult decor and child fantasy this Christmas. 

TikTok mom Belaun Johnson and her husband took their tree to a whole new level this year. The parents created a masterful, classically decorated Christmas tree that was also a children’s fantasy fort. 

“Our tree this year. Adult decor on the outside, a child’s fantasy land on inside lol Our babies love it!” the caption read

The mom and dad used a metal frame to construct the tree, decorating the outside with festive ornaments and baubles. But the tree contained a secret door that revealed a holiday pillow fort.

The parents hung lanterns inside and filled the fort with cozy decorative pillows and blankets. 

People on TikTok loved the unique idea and praised the mom and dad. 

“You just won Christmas and parenthood all in one,” a person said

“Wow I am 66 and I would love to have one!!!! Absolutely beautiful!” a TikToker replied

“Dang I need one just to keep the presents safe from the dogs haha” someone joked

“You need to market this frame, or the plans or something cuz I definitely was immediately like, how do I make that,” another wrote. 

“Omg the magical memories you’re making,” a user added

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