Who is Cindy Kimberly? Model makes an appearance in David Dobrik’s vlog

David Dobrik is known for featuring celebs and influencers in his vlogs as much as he is known for his controversies

One of his recent guests, Cindy Kimberly, has piqued people’s interest. Fans are wondering if there might be a spark between Dobrik and the 23-year-old model. Here’s why the internet is buzzing about the pair. 

Who is Cindy Kimberly? 

Kimberly is a model from Amsterdam with over 6.7 million followers on Instagram. She is of Dutch and Indonesian heritage. She was already a working model when she rose to fame at 17 years old after Justin Bieber posted a photo of her with the caption, “Omg who is this!!” 

The model is represented by The Lions, Uno Models and Untitled Management. She has been romantically linked to the rapper Tyga, F1 racer Lewis Hamilton and YouTuber Neels Visser. 

Kimberly appeared in Dobrik’s vlog “Telling Her My Biggest Secret.” Dobrik admitted that he invited Kimberly on the show after seeing her on a Maxim magazine cover. The two drove around in his car and hung out at his house while flirting with each other most of the time. They bonded over their love of Marvel films. 

“I like medium-ugly guys. You’re the exception,” Kimberly told Dobrik. “You’re actually pretty cute. No — I’m not saying that. No. Stop!” 

People praised their brief exchange in the car. 

“When Cindy said that she was a marvel fan I could feel David’s excitement,” one person commented

“It seems like David and Cindy are always awkwardly flirting,” another wrote

“When David is around Cindy he’s so awkward and nervous and semi-sweet,” someone added

There’s no word on whether Kimberly and Dobrik are an item but fans seem hopeful. 

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