Parents invite everyone in daughter’s class to birthday party — except one: ‘It sounds like a manipulative ploy’

A mom is holding her ground after a parent accused her of teaching her daughter to be a “bully.” 

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum to weigh in. Her 7-year-old daughter Payton is having a birthday party. She invited everyone in her class except one student. Now the student’s mom is furious. 

“We invited the whole class except one student, she wrote. “The student we did not invite has bullied Payton several times (we’ve had meetings with the school and parents). Obviously, Payton doesn’t want this kid at her party.” 

The bully’s mom called the Reddit poster and told her the bully is “crying she was the only kid not invited and everyone at school is talking about the party.” Payton’s parties tend to be “over the top,” so lots of students want to go to them. 

“I explained her daughter isn’t nice to my daughter and that’s the reason she wasn’t invited (the mother knows this). The mother said I’m teaching my child to be a ‘bully’ and use her wealth to make friends. I disagreed,’ the Reddit poster said

The mother tried to negotiate with the Reddit poster. She offered a handwritten apology from her daughter to Payton. But the Reddit poster declined. The issue now is that “it has become a big deal every time” the moms run into each other. 

Redditors thought Payton’s mom made the correct decision. 

“It doesn’t sound like a real apology. It sounds like a manipulative ploy to get what she wants instead of true recognition of what she did and how it was wrong,” a user commented

“Your daughter has every right to feel safe at her party,” another wrote

“You aren’t teaching your child to be a bully, only to not socialize with bullies,” a person replied

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