Little boy is peeved at classmate for ‘taking’ his name

This little boy is convinced that one of his classmates stole his name, and viewers are losing it over the wholesome misunderstanding. 

It’s been said that names represent identity, which makes them significant to their titleholders. So it’s no surprise that TikToker and parent Daniella Vines’ (@daniellavines) son, Roman, wasn’t thrilled when he was under the impression that a classmate by the name of Raven had “stolen” his name. 

A video Vines posted to TikTok features the little boy wearing a blue polo shirt with his hair neatly combed to the side while sitting with his mom after school. 

“He’s mad about a girl in his class ‘taking his name,’” Vines explains in the on-screen text. While she tries to tell her son that his classmate did not steal his name, the little boy isn’t having it. 

“When you drop me off, I WILL show you. She took my name,” Roman decrees with a furrowed brow. “But you just said her [name is] Raven,” Vines reminds the vexed little boy.  

“No! She has the same name as me on her name tag,” Roman adamantly replies. Vines attempts to clarify the misunderstanding, but the little boy remains firm in his convictions. 

“I’ll show you when you drop me off tomorio [sic],” he promises, sweetly mispronouncing the word “tomorrow” in the process. 

The mother and son go back and forth a few more times before Roman, fed up, leans in closer and asserts, “She. Took. My. Name,” through gritted teeth at the end of the video. 

Roman’s wilful disposition had viewers in stitches. 

“No one tell him what happens when he gets married,” one user joked. 

“Him slowing down to get you to understand,” noted one TikToker with a string of laughing emojis.  

“His facial expressions when he says she took his name are priceless. He’s so serious,” one viewer mentioned. 

What’s in a name? Based on Vines’ hilarious video, a whole lot.

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