TikToker is warning ‘claw clip girlies’ to think twice before wearing them in cars: ‘New fear unlocked’

“If you’re a claw clip girlie, do not drive with it in your hair.” This is the PSA currently going viral across TikTok — and potentially saving lives with every view.

Posted by TikTok user and ultrasound student Natalie Kate (@natalieeekate), the video quickly received over 3.7 million views, 4,500 likes and nearly 3,500 comments — many of which are thanking her for sharing this little-known danger.

Now, much like the firefighter whose shocking TikTok revealed what can happen when you sleep with your bedroom door closed, Natalie’s PSA is making people reconsider the everyday things they do — and wear — that could be life-threatening.

According to Natalie, who’s currently finishing her ultrasound clinicals, it was a doctor who warned her to never wear claw clips while driving or riding in cars.

“They’ve seen girls who’ve gotten in car accidents with the clips impaled into their skull,” she explained. “It can be really fatal and really scary.”

Since receiving this advice, Natalie has sworn off wearing claw clips in the car — and to prove it, she later posted a follow-up video demonstrating what she does instead.


going off of my last vid 🫠😂 no claw clip and drive rule lol

♬ original sound – natalie kate

This follow-up video seemed to resonate with TikTokers as much as the original, as it also gained millions of views and nearly 150,000 likes.

Comments flooded in, thanking Natalie — while also expressing shock at the revelation.

“New fear unlocked,” one user wrote.

“I’m on a blood thinner and would probably die pretty quickly if this happened. Thanks for possibly saving my life! 😳🙏” another user commented.

Others shared their own scary experiences with claw clips in cars.

“I got into a crash while wearing a claw clip and ended up with serious pain and bruising. This is smart,” one user wrote.

“This actually happened to my mom when she got into an accident in 2010. They had to pull it out of her head and shave her head cause it was so mangled,” another user shared.

“I rode a roller coaster the other day and forgot to take the claw clip out. Big mistake!” one user wrote — pointing out that it’s not just cars that can be dangerous for claw clip wearers.

Some viewers simply thanked Natalie for her advice. “Saving lives one claw clip tip at a time! Thank you!” another user commented.

According to vehicle safety experts, the headrest is one of the most overlooked safety features in cars, as they’re designed to prevent neck injuries in rear-end collisions. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your headrest, experts recommend minimizing the distance between the back of your neck/head and your headrest, around 3 to 4 inches.

With the renewed popularity of claw clips, it might not be long before vehicle safety experts’ warnings include the dangers of hair accessories as well.

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