TikToker’s Hydro Flask cleaning hack takes 10 minutes

TikTok seems to have the answers for everything — including how to properly clean a Hydro Flask without using a dishwasher.

TikToker Carolina Mccauley dedicates her platform to showcasing the best and easiest home hacks. One of her popular videos deals with how to clean stainless steel water bottles.

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These water bottles — whether it’s a Hydro Flask or a S’well — are extremely popular, but the insides can easily become stained and occasionally start to smell.

Mccauley uses two ingredients to thoroughly clean her bottles: Vinegar and water.

First, she adds one cup of vinegar into the bottle and then fills the rest with water. As the liquid sits in her water bottle, she soaks its lid in a bowl, which contains the same mixture, for 10 minutes.

Vinegar is so acidic that it can counteract buildups hiding in the hard-to-reach grooves of these types of bottles.

After rinsing everything thoroughly in the sink, Mccauley deems the bottles clean and fresh.

“I needed this,” one person commented.

Dirty stainless steel water bottles can accumulate rust and bacteria that get harder to remove the longer stays uncleaned. Some experts recommend that you wash your stainless steel water bottles every day.

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